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German Gold 20 Mark, BU
Wilhelm II design (Minted 1888-1912)

German Gold 20 Marks Kaiser Wilhelm II  (1888-1912) Obverse

German Gold 20 Marks Kaiser Wilhelm II  (1888-1912) Reverse

Minted from 1888 to 1912, Wilhelm II German 20 marks are among the scarcest of smaller-sized European gold coins, especially in choice Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition. Virtually the same size and weight (around a quarter-ounce) as the ever-popular British gold sovereigns, gold German 20 Mark coins are far scarcer yet cost almost the same in today’s market.

Although called German coins, Wilhelm II gold 20 marks are actually from Prussia. When Germany was unified in 1871, the King of Prussia was proclaimed Emperor of Germany. Wilhelm II ruled Germany for most of this period, from 1888 to 1915. These classic European gold coins feature his portrait on the obverse and a stylized German eagle on the reverse.

Drumbeats of war
Wilhelm II was the eldest son of Crown Prince Friedrich and Victoria, daughter of England’s Queen Victoria. During his reign, Germany was transformed from an agricultural nation into an industrial and imperial power seeking colonial expansion and “a place in the sun.” Foreign relations with existing world powers deteriorated, however, and conflict with France, England, and Russia eventually escalated into World War I. Reflecting Germany’s increasing militancy, Wilhelm’s image on these coins was replaced with the famous “military bust” portrait in 1913.

Wilhelm II German Gold 20 Marks recall the grand period of the Prussian monarchy before the ravages of World War I and the terrible economic hardship that followed in Germany. At that time, wealth held in these historic gold coins was protected from the devastating effects of war and economic depression—and the same holds true today.

These scarce, historic coins are excellent for European gold coin sets.


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German Gold 20 Marks, Kaiser Wilhelm II (1888-1912)
Brilliant Uncirculated

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Design Specifications:
Minted     1888-1912
Gold content     0.2304 ounces
Size     23 mm
Fineness     0.900